About Us

Laura Childress

Laura started Bike Adventures for Kids 14 years ago when there was nothing like it on this side of the mountain. Over many summers she has witnessed kids discover the joy and freedom that riding bikes provides. Many kids return year after year until they graduate to being a counselor, find a posse of their own to ride with or both. As a former head coach of the Drake Mountain Bike Team, she has been inspired by the dedication and perseverance of high schoolers as they train and race rain or shine. She has seen young racers laughing and crying their way over muddy courses all the way to the finish line only to congratulate other competitors and then go back out there to cheer more racers on. More importantly she is encouraged by the lasting influence these programs have in building grit and character. Laura is a registered nurse, is Wilderness First Aid Certified and provides kids with a safe and positive experience. Laura believes that riding bikes should be FUN whether your child likes to SHRED or just take in the scenery!

Hannah Childress
Hannah is a seasoned veteran at Bike Adventures for Kids, participating since its inception as a camper and then as a counselor. Hannah's love of people, big and small, is why she is one of the most beloved counselors. As a former racer and captain of the Drake High School Mountain Bike Team, Hannah has enjoyed being part of an incredible mountain biking community. She was honored with the NorCal Mountain Bike League's 2017 Achievement Award and has participated in several NorCal MTB Trail Stewardship Camps. She has a love of the outdoors, a passion for cycling, and excellent leadership skills. She loves to spend her summers with kids, nurturing the same love for mountain biking that she has. 
Before they became counselors...Guess who!?!