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Laura Childress

13 years ago, Laura started the first mountain bike camp on this side of the mountain. She is a mom, a registered nurse, and a co-head-coach of the Drake Mountain Bike Team. For 13 years she has been the director, ride leader, adventurer, mentor, and mechanic for Bike Adventures for Kids. As a co-head-coach of the Drake Mountain Bike Team, she is committed to getting more kids on bikes and especially girls. She is a registered nurse, is Wilderness First Aid Certified and provides kids with a safe and positive experience. As a mom of a middle schooler, she is championing the Specialized Foundation's "Riding for Focus" program, which is using scientific research combined with a school cycling program to help kids, "achieve academic, health, and social success."  Most importantly she believes that riding bikes should be fun whether your child likes to SHRED or just take in the scenery!

Hannah Childress
Hannah is a seasoned veteran at Bike Adventures for Kids, having spent the last 13 summers riding with us. One of Hannah's many tasks includes stamping each child's Passport to the Mountain with our custom 
made stamps. Each stamp represents one of the many epic rides we do. As a former racer and captain of the Drake High School Mountain  Bike Team, Hannah enjoyed being part of an incredible mountain biking community. She also participated in a number of NorCal MTB Trail Stewardship Camps that furthered her commitment to trail advocacy. She has a love of the outdoors, a passion for cycling, and excellent leadership skills. She loves to spend her summers with kids, nurturing the same love for mountain biking that she has. She is CPR, Wilderness Rescue, and Remote First Aid certified. 
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