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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the fees and hours? 
The cost is $450 per week. We meet at 8:30 at the Java Hut, which is in the parking lot of Good Earth in downtown Fairfax. Pick up is at the same place at 3:30. 
How old does my child need to be to attend camp? 
Seven and up is usually the age range for our summer camp, but we have been known to take little shredders as young as five. Our equipment prerequisites are that your child's bike must have 24 inch wheels or larger and they have to have at least 2 chainrings in the front to be able to manage the terrain that they are going to encounter.
What is the minimum skill level? 

All skill levels are welcome!

Beginner Riders: confident on the road but have a little experience on the dirt.

Intermediate Riders: comfortable on fire roads and can ride most hills without stopping. 

Advanced Riders: experienced on single track like Tamarancho and China Camp

What size bike does my child need? 

Well, due to our hilly terrain, kids need 24" wheels and at least two chainrings in the front to have enough gears to make it doable. If you carefully watch your child as they are riding and you see that when their leg is at the bottom of their pedal stroke their leg is more than slightly bent, it might be time to raise the seat. But never raise the seat over the limit. If you have to do that, it is time to get a new bike! If you have any questions you can ask us or your local bike shop. Please have your child's bike SAFETY CHECKED several weeks before camp to be sure it is in good running order. Most local bike shops will do this for free but make an appointment well in advance as it's a busy time of the year for them.

What does my child need on their bike ride? 

Other than a bike in good running order, they need a HELMET that fits them properly. This means that it is tight enough on their head that when they shake it, it doesn't move around and the chin strap only offers room for two fingers between the chin and the strap; GLOVES are a must for not only comfort but also protection, and same for GLASSES. To stay hydrated they will need a CAMELBACK, large enough to carry a PACKED LUNCH (with no hard containers, as they are bulky), an INNERTUBE (that fits their bike), a BATHING SUIT (a small camp towel is optional as most kids drip-dry), a light STUFFABLE-JACKET for cold mornings, and SPENDING $$ for ice cream at the Scoop ($5 at most - we provide bars).

Please be sure tires are pumped, sunscreen is applied, and camelback is filled with water.  

What should my child be wearing? 

In addition to the helmet, gloves and glasses mentioned above, we suggest wearing bike shorts (with regular shorts over is optional), and a short sleeve shirt or jersey with a stuffable warm layer over for the cooler mornings. Later it can be stuffed into their backpack -so, no bulky hoodies but a light fleece, rain jacket or wind breaker works well. 

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What if I have to cancel? 

There is a $75 cancellation fee and $150 cancellation fee if canceling within 2 weeks of camp's start date.

There is no refund for days in which camp is prevented from operating due to inclement weather, red flag warning days and trail closures.